Tasty Dumplings

Tasty Dumpling's Fried Dumpling Rice at around PhP90.00 to PhP95.00 per set (Alzheimer's).

This is what I was looking for, crispy shell and soft veggie and pork filling. Compared to ErSao's Authentic Taiwanese Dumpling, Tasty's dumplings are tasty as it is (and can be or if you choose to) just eat it as it is or put the specially prepared sauce--- the one that looks like patis but not, it's fine. With ErSao, eating it alone, is like eating food for the sick--- no taste, not salty, no uhm, just soft.

ErSao's Fried Dumpling without rice cost PhP75.00.

So, if you are craving for good, tasty dumplings, go to Tasty Dumplings, in Binondo--- Ongpin (620 Ongpin St., Binondo) and Gandara, in Quezon City--- Banawe (583-585 N.S. Amorante Ave. cor. Banawe St., Quezon City), they also have the biggest (I think) pork chop I ever saw also at the same price range.

New year is just around the corner *did you know that it is tradition in China to eat dumplings during New Year(not that it's not eaten regularly) as it symbolizes riches or bring riches to those who eat them, because of its horseshoe shape. It's also stuffed (sometimes) with items that represent good omen, and once eaten, the one you got is believed to come true.