North Park

Salted Garlic Squid
Deep friend squid coated with salt and pepper,
garnished with sliced chili and garlic
Sandy came home from Australia, and so we decided to eat out and have the longest chitchat ever. I think the best place to have long chitchats next to coffee shops are Chinese restos. Sandy was near Quezon City than Binondo, so we end up at TriNoMa North Park.

Wanton Noodles
We ordered, ofcourse the staple Wanton Noodles, and then added Shrimp Dumplings, Salted Garlic Squid (which I insisted, because it's my favorite). Then after some gossips and shocking revelations the food disappeared, and we're still hungry, so we ordered round two (same dish). They loved the SGS, I think if NP would bring us the *largest squid (55 feet long and weighed two ton) ever caught (on November 2, 1978) in Thimble Tickle Bay, Newfoundland, we would still be craving for more.

Shrimp Dumplings
Shrimp Dumplings are just the best, crispy and juicy, love it even without the dip sauce.

But I think the food served in restos like North Park with branches, depends on the branch cook, on how to make it really good. I have two or three bet branches, one in Wilson Street, in Greenhills has the best Salted Garlic Squid, like with TriNoMa North Park too, Market Market North Park, hmm best in Sweet and Sour Fish?, I can't decide, I had my 11 months lunches there, so I guess most of the food prepared there are good. Ahh, Mafo tofu--- the best, just the right spicy-ness.

No words are needed to describe the food in details, as I have said we ordered the same dish twice. There was just one thing--- with the Wanton Noodles, you must eat it right away, as in right away, because it doesn't taste good when it's cold already (aircondition's fault).


Cyma: mamia!

Who doesn't love that movie, Mamma mia!

It was shot on a Greek island called, Skopelos, west of Aegean sea, but we are not talking about Mamma mia. LOL. Just setting your mood to fly and eat the Greek way. Let's just imagine that we are dining with Donna and Sophie, breathing fresh breeze coming from the Aegean, while listening to lyres playing.

Okay, that and eating at Cyma will complete your Greek experience. Opa! The place was cozy enough to make you feel at home, cushioned seats are always the best, plus cove lightings.

Almost forgot, I am with Anton (the chefonfire) and Vince (just on fire) LOL.
The resto did really stick with the Greek's local palatte, and did not made any changes on dishes to  satisfy Pinoy taste, but remained true to what it is traditionally (or so I think). Understandably, because we are cheese eaters, what else? Ahh, we love seafood, and basically Greece is geographically or I mean topographically not so unlike from Philippines.

The menu looks ordinary (no desire to take home)

Our appetizer: Saganaki Mozzarella and Parmesan (flaming) PhP200.00

It comes with buttered bread with herbs.

Our appetizer, boost our palattes for more. It has a taste of alcohol in it (alcohol as in wine, maybe that was used for the flaming).

Pita breads are soft and moist.

Roka Salata (Solo) PhP330.00
Traditional Greek Vinaigrette's sourness balanced by the walnut's sweet to salty taste (or the other way) made the Roka Salata a winner. It's the walnuts and the cheese.

Kakavia Seafood Entree PhP420.00
This was not supposed to be ordered because of my allergy (but the hell with it). This dish made my day, I was craving for shrimp the other day (the Greeks gave me the sea). You can taste the sea, but not malansa-type, though the shrimp was not fresh (I had hard time removing the shell). It's a full meal, because it has rice (little bit like lugaw) but would not be enough. Don't look at me--- it's seafood, you never get enough of it.

And then there came the Spinach and Artichoke Fondue PhP350.00
It's been weeks now since we ate there, but I can still remember its smell and taste. It's very rich, rich in everything. If it's too salty (that makes it sour-y) you can squeeze some lemon with/in it (with if you just want to squeeze some in your bread; in if you're going to mix it; with--- that's what we did). It made it a little bit sweet (funny, lemon?! sweet, well that's how I remember the taste).

Maybe Spinach and Artichoke is a favored dish by the Greek gods, that's why it is tasteful. *Did you know that the Greeks don't eat everything (well I guess before that is) some of the produce were believed to be dirty and some cleaner--- they don't eat meat unless it was sacrificed to a god or was hunted in the wild--- (vegan-ist-y like or PETA-ish?!, no harming of tame animals, nah! Still carnivorous. LOL).

The first dig was made in by Vince.
All-in-all the Greek experience in Cyma, was greek-y fantastic. I can give it an Olympic Gold. We'll definitely going back. The ambience is not to stiff, the Opa! is addictive! I can feel Mamma mia--- how I see the Greeks in the movies, jolly and enthusiastic was all felt at Cyma! Plus nice conversation still makes the food alot better!--- Thanks Anton and Vince!

Cyma (Trito Cyma Greek Estiatorio Corp.)
Ground Floor, Greenbelt 2
Esperanza Street, Ayala Avenue, Makati City
Tel. no.: 02 729 48 37


Updated: 5845 Cheese Dish

Will update later with pictures and info.

The Philippines Takes on India for a Culinary Record on December 14 at the Big Dome with the Biggest Holiday Feast in Pinoy History!

Let's make culinary history together on December 14, Monday, 3:30pm at the Araneta Coliseum as mothers, culinary students, housewives, chefs and celebrities unite to break the world record for d most number of cheese-based dishes on display, in a single day.

Our target: 5,000 unique cheese-based dishes under one roof!

Pinoys Gather for a Yummy and Inspiringly Cheesy Christmas

You only need to put food and pride together to see how cheesy Pinoys can get.

Through a project which aims to make a delicious and inspiring Christmas after the devastation brought by Ondoy and Pepeng, Eden Cheese is spearheading the “YUMM - Your Ulam Mas Masarap” campaign, which plans to unite everyone in helping save Christmas for families who are still reeling from the challenges brought by these recent disasters.

In the said campaign, the brand is summoning the innate kitchen creativity of Pinoys to help make 5,000 cheese-inspired dishes to beat the previous Guinness World Record™ of "The Most Number Of Dishes On Display, In A Single Day” of 4,668 set by India in 2007 in one big event. Eden has taken this further with a twist of ingenuity by fusing cheese into each dish. Premier culinary school Magsaysay Institute of Hospitality and Culinary Arts (MIHCA) contributed most of the research and student manpower in the making of the event, with the added help of other schools such as Regina Carmeli, St. Paul College, Centro Escolar University, Emilio Aguinaldo College, La Consolacion College, and Arellano University.. Meanwhile, at Eden’s website, http://www.sarapngbuhay.com/, people are encouraged to sign up and share their cheese recipes.

“During these challenging times, it is important to remember not what we have lost but what we still have as a nation,” says Alex Tacderas, Category Marketing Manager for Cheese and Spoonables, Kraft Foods Philippines. “We hold in our hands the innate Filipino creativity and love for food which, when put together, can empower our pride for our country.”

And to further strengthen its cause, Eden is organizing the very first Keso de Gallo where Filipinos will use Eden cheese to creatively interpret the breadth of the country’s cuisine while providing a feast that will bring joy and delight to as many families as possible. In cooperation with ABS-CBN Foundation, people’s organizations, Local Government Units, and Filipinos all over the country, Eden will relive the Filipino tradition of Misa de Galo and bring more goodness to this post-Simbang Gabi feast. Nine mornings with nine featured dishes in town plazas of Bacolod City, Iloilo, Davao, Cagayan de Oro, Cebu City, Naga, Butuan City, Laoag and Pampanga will be highlighted, as Eden enhances the local traditional delicacies enjoyed during the holidays with the goodness of Eden cheese.

Known for its quality and wholesome taste, Eden has been a staple of every discerning foodie’s kitchen. From simple snacks to sophisticated main courses, Eden cheese products can be relied upon to deliver great tasting meals. A versatile ingredient which easily fits in a variety of local dishes, the use of Eden cheese products is as limitless as the imagination of its user. And in the hands of some pretty creative people from various culinary backgrounds, December 14, 2009 is going to be one red-letter day as all these people work with each other in landing the Philippines in the record books with the most number of cheese dishes.

Indeed, for a country that boasts of various culinary traditions from its 7,107 islands, there are a lot of things than can be done to inspire and cheesify the Filipino everyday.

About Kraft Foods

Kraft Foods (http://www.kraftfoodscompany.com/) makes today delicious in 150 countries around the globe. Our 100,000 Kraft Foodies work tirelessly to make delicious foods consumers can feel good about. From American brand icons like Kraft cheeses, dinners and dressings, Maxwell House coffees and Oscar Mayer meats, to global powerhouse brands like Oreo and LU biscuits, Philadelphia cream cheeses, Jacobs and Carte Noire coffees, Tang powdered beverages and Milka, Cote d'Or, Lacta and Toblerone chocolates, our brands deliver millions of smiles every day. Kraft Foods Inc. (NYSE: KFT) is the world’s second largest food company with annual revenues of $42 billion. The company is a member of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, Standard & Poor's 500, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and Ethibel Sustainability Index.

To contribute your own cheesy recipes for the December 14 world record-breaking event, visit http://www.sarapngbuhay.com/


5845 is the number of dishes prepared by Filipino chefs that beat the 4668 dish of India, in display in a single day, but we didn't settle just doing that, we added a twist of creating the 5000+ dish cheese inspired.

The dishes prepared were looking yummy, atleast some, other looks gross as they've been displayed for hours already.

The food display was prepared by MIHCA chefs.

The event was composed of contests: holiday feast and cheese carving, of which six schools competed in.

The Holiday Feast Table setting by Regina Carmeli.

This was by Emilio Aguinaldo College

Centro Escolar University's Holiday Feast

Looking yummy, I don't know what it was but it looks appetizing

by Centro Escolar University

Again, by Centro Escolar University

Chef Mia Yan, my sister's mentor chef at MIHCA, while judging for the best Holiday Feast

Chef Mia Manuel, owner Lolo Daddy's, a mentor chef also at MIHCA

All the judges, dining at Emilio Aguinaldo's Holiday Feast

Cheese carving by Arellano University

The winners (hmm, sorry, I forgot who won, I think it was Arellano and another one as champion)

Everybody was happy and it was chaotic so, I already forgot to take notes. But I think everybody is considered a winner breaking the record and ----

The event really put up a good twist, aside from the cheese inspiration, the event also has beneficiaries--- kids, victims of Ondoy and Pepeng. Kraft was able to bring out the best in the Filipinos--- creating good food and helping one another.

+My paparazzi self:

Before the actual event we were assisted to the waiting area, there were snacks by Pizza Hut.

I was dining on the same table with Chef Sau, Nancy and others, starstruck that I can't even ask them to pose for me. Lol. So I just settled to take my paparazzi shots, which I am more fond of, because it looks adventurous to take stolen shots. Lol.

Chef Nancy, doing some explanation about the titanum necklace.

The Secrets of the Masters session at my table. LOL

Anton of Our Awesome Planet.
By the way nice jingle! Sung by Sherin Regis.

Kaya nating gawin! Eden maraming pwedeng gawin.

*Did you know that Kraft started from a $65 capital and a cart?