Healthy Diet

Top Chef Salad: Iceberg Lettuce, Ham, Cheese and eggs served with a choice of dressing:
Ranch or Thousand Island or Vinaigrette. PhP180.00
still at the Diner Adriatico, Malate

Well, here's a healthy treat for the people watching their diet. Salads are good for those who need greens and fibers. Little bits of meat wouldn't hurt, so you can throw in, in your salad some of that bacon or ham, or chicken and tuna.

Blanching cooks the veggies a little bit (and also kill some bacterias) and makes it look and bites fresh.

* Did you know that the first (Caesar) salad was made in Mexico, and not in the Roman Empire, LOL, and Caesar Cardini prepared it, not Julius?

*Note: Placed the wrong stamp--- this was taken by my sister.