2L Il Terrazzo, Tomas Morato corner Sct. Madrinan, South Triangle, Quezon City

After the photoshoot for Postura Clothing, I went to Il Terrazzo to meet Kathleen Kris, at Banapple. It is my first time to dine at Banapple (and at Il Terrazzio) and definitely not the last. The place was a cozy, and fit for tambay session but still not the coffee-shop-Starbucks-type of tambay, where you'll order just one coffee and you'll be forever seating there chit-chatting. You'll be ordering and ordering here, their cakes are nice, but bad for those who are dieting.

Pasta Trio Sausage PhP160.00+

My order was, Trio Sausage Pasta/ Pasta Trio Sausage, it was creamy and oh al dente. I am a bit confused though, because there wasn't any sausage in it, just meat, that looks crushed?! *maybe they followed Queen Victoria's request that the meat be hand chopped rather than being minced.

Nice pair with the Pan de Sal Pesto, to balance the salty-ness of the sauce. *Did you know that sausage is derived from the Latin word salsus which means something salted.

Then my date, ordered Hickory Smoked Beef, which I had a bite of. Hmm, it was good, nice play of sweetness and a little bit of sour taste, but not my kind of plate that day. The beef was tender enough for me not to chew ten times, it just flakes itself, and you can smell the barbeque. As for the smoking of the beef, I think it was not smoked in charcoal, (or not at all) but in the grill of their La Germania stove, better because *smoking produces polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons which are known as carcinogens when eaten as part of a person's diet. And there's a specific type of wood that produces these toxins in big amounts--- Mesquite.

Hickory Smoked Beef PhP165.00

They have really big servings so I think the prices are reasonable.

Praline Banana Cream pie PhP85/slice and PhP630 for whole.

Their specialty were desserts, so I tried one of their pies--- Praline Banana Cream pie, the girl was suggesting Banoffee pie--- but I am finished eating Banoffees, had a bad experience with that pie (not from their selection, I will not mention the store). It was better, I think, because it doesn't have peanut butter, which causes allergens. I have one problem with the crust--- (Items are baked fresh everyday) I don't know maybe it's just me, but I don't like it that flat-flat and it looks wet, maybe because of the banana or the cream or too much butter, but it's not supposed be like that (I am comparing it to the blueberry cheesecake of Red Ribbon, the crust is still a little air-y, if you can imagine. It's not wet, the grahams are brown as if it was just placed there before you order them, but intact). That's all, but still a thumbs up for not being too sweet, and just letting the sweetness of the banana do its thing.