Valentine's and New Year at Ying-Ying Tea House

Chinese New Year at Chinatown Binondo, Manila
You'll never go wrong with Chinese food--- never go bankrupt, never go out of taste, it's just the best. With the recent Chinese New Year falling on the same day as Valentine's, it was weird but funny to see couples celebrating, the supposed to be intimate, quiet time, in an opposite atmosphere, chaotic and really noisy--- Chinese restaurant, more so restaurants in Binondo--- on the day that is most noisy. 

Ying Ying servers running like roadrunners.
Originally it is served in fours, but we were in a hurry to take the bite.
Siomai: Pork Shrimp are just the best, tasty even without the soy sauce, chili and calamansi. Served juicy hot in the dimsum steamers. You can taste both the shrimp and the pork, there's no overpowering taste, after every bite there's still the feel of freshness, or rather refreshing not to heavy to digest.
Taro puffs are the best dimsum ever invented and serve at Ying Ying.
Crunchy puff outside with perfect taro stuffing inside, plus if sauced out with Hoisin 海鮮, it will elevate to something divine. I don't know what's in that Hoisin sauce but it is the perfect pair for taro puff. *Hoisin mean seafood, but it is said that it doesn't even contain fish. Weird.

Cold Cuts of Asado, Seaweed, Chicken, Century Egg.
These cold cuts are also refreshing, but I am no fan of the chicken because of its little bones. Their Asado are just the juiciest (Ying Ying and Wai Ying have the best Asado in Binondo). I don't eat century eggs, even before Richmond told us not to, because China stopped its production due to some health reasons.

All in all Ying Ying is one of the best Chinese restaurants to serve authentic Chinese food, that you can only find in Binondo.

PS. The billing was only around PhP400.00+ and we also had Nido soup plus one Nai Cha.

Ying Ying Tea House
233 to 235 Dasmarinas Street, corner E.T. Yuchengco ext.Street.
Binondo, Manila
Telephone: 387 2797, 710 3856, 241 6323
Open daily 7am to 2am


Hungry for Tuna

I can eat this everyday, and without even going to General Santos to get fresh tunas, I can just open a can of Century tuna on vegetable oil. This is one of my comfort food, well, as they say it is rich in Omega 3, and *is good for the heart, maybe that's the reason that I feel refreshed whenever I eat tuna (right after eating I go straight to ***) my anxiety gone and I feel calm.
What I do is, I drain the vegetable oil in the pan, put in the onions, leave it a few, and then add in the Queensland butter or sometime I use Blue Bonnet butter also. Wait for the butter to melt, and then place the tuna chunks in. Use the spatula to flakes the chunks. You can add in parmesan cheese if you want to add saltyness, or cheddar cheese for a gooey effect and added flavor, but remember not to over cook the cheese too much, and the tuna--- canned tuna are already cooked.

It will look like this, but then after a few minutes, water will vapor and it will look a little dry, don't let it, because you need it like that to place in an egg (or two if you want). Make sure you won't break the yolk.
Mix the white carefully with a spoon or a spatula with the rest of the tuna, but leave the yolk to cook (I have a thing for yolks).

Then after the yolk is cooked, place it in your plate, you can choose to pair it with plain rice or garlic rice. I love garlic-y rice, so I place in butter (of course it's Blue Bonnet again or Queensland) and garlic in the same pan, place the rice and mix it all together.

You can also add in fresh tomato, and asparagus, before putting in the egg. Makes it more richer, but then those two are not available the time I craved, so this is all I've got.

Hope you like it, my family doesn't like it before, I am the only one who can eat this dish, but now they recreated the recipe and replaced tuna with cream dory. LOL