Budgeted Dinner Date for Valentine's (with a bit of Chinese New Year)

Well, as you all know Valentine's day is coming, so as the Chinese New Year--- eating holidays yet again. We are here in the search for the cheapest but yet romantic dinner or well lunch, if there's no other choice, to throw in the 'date'.

I have found one on my Facebook for Valentine's date:
1. Chef Robert at Banawe: Valentine's Meal Set at PhP750.00 (He had the most horrendous poster so I did my version, but you can visit his newly installed website here and view the poster)
You would all remember the Salad Rolls from the first of my many visits there. The Boneless Crispy Pata--- is a new addition to his menu, and I tell you it is good--- you would also remember that I told you, I am not a pork eater, but I ate Chef Robert's Pork Cutlet--- this time I ate (some) Boneless Crispy Pata--- it is good for your senior citizen folks. My parents' loved the pata and of course their all time favorite -- the Salad Rolls--- mom is the only who told me it is a unique dish that she would always love to have, no 'sawa' factor.

Cool at PhP750.00 for all that plus a gift for her, who would not go with this promo, but to impress her you could order some more (but I bet the girl would be a bit shy to eat heavy). So reserve now at 740 9330 or 413 0674

More of the Valentine's Dinner Date search, next time. Still looking. I have a budget constraint of PhP1500 (for two). LOL. Challenge!
I found another one, but it was last year's rate and it's a little over the budget LOL, but hey, it's a hotel:
Hyatt Hotel and Casino's Lili's Valentine's meal last year was on at PhP1,950.00 nett per person (okay not little bit). Search again.

I also found one for the Chinese New Year celebration:
1. If you're tired of eating the same dimsum you always eat (even if it's not Chinese New Year) you can always try Aquaknox Viet Kitchen, were in they serve modern Vietnamese cuisine. You would also remember my visit there during our GFAPY's Dinner in their Makati branch, where it was closed for a few for the renovation, and they're opening this coming February 3, yes Chinese New Year with Chef Danny's new dishes.

The new menu would start at PhP99.00 and now buffet lunch are served daily, you can catch what's latest for Aquaknox at their Facebook account.