How sweet tooth diabetics can celebrate sweet Valentine's

Chocolate has always been a staple Valentine's gift, but not a chocolate drink perhaps, but then since if it is for diabetic, and most chocolates out there that are for diabetic would be the dark one or sweetened artificially, why not try Glow Coconut Sugar's best seller, CHOCOCO, it's formulated from Bacolod by Casa Carmela exclusively for SNMCorporation, and was launched during the Ultimate Taste Test by OAP. It's a hit, but unfortunately wasn't able to get that UTT 5.0 title, but nonetheless it was a consistent crowd pleaser, as it received a good feedback from the past World Bazaar 2010.
Home-baked or made goodies, are the best gift for Valentine's if you ask me. They're sweet plus they're labor of love, and if you would also give it a thought--- you can customized every bit of it. I met a mom in a bazaar, where she studied baking in United Kingdom for her hubby, and she didn't just study, she focused her expertise in making diabetic-friendly deserts, as her husband's been diabetic all his life but then he has a sweet tooth, and deprived of goodies we all enjoy--- like cakes, cupcakes. She's baking her cakes with natural sweeteners that she found here in the Philippines, Coconut Sugar. A little bit of experimentation is needed to get used to using Coconut Sugar in your baking, because it has a different moisture content, but then it can be 1:1 proportion, just like the regular sugar. What's good is that, at any amount you use, the Glycemic Index is at 35 joining on the lowest bracket of the index. So now, the mom's hubby an indulge himself, with the sweetest cake her lovely wife specially baked for him. The gesture of baking it yourself, makes it even sweeter.

*By the way, the photos on both posters are not mine.