Chef Robert Twisted Banawe

Banawe, Quezon City is known for the flock of Chinese restaurants, and yet in this small place at the corner of Linaw Street, there's one man who braved to bring the whole world to his kitchen. His menu offers good choice of food coming from every direction of the map, Asian: Korean Beef Stew, Thai Green Chicken Curry; Italian:  Seafood Marina, Lasagna; American: Morning Pancakes, Beef Burgers;--- and here's Pinoy Beef Tapa with egg, Pork Tocino with egg, Daing na Bangus; and he doesn't just serve ulams, he also serves desserts. There's Coconut Mango cheese cake which I think is his signature dessert (I haven't heard of a cheese cake like this, but I wasn't able to try it because I wasn't available), and a number of really deliciously sounding ones--- High Rise Mango Banana, Devil's Fork, to name a few.
Unfortunately the space is small (only 22 pax capacity).
But cozy and clean, yep not your Chinese resto clean, this is really clean.
For starter: Calamari PhP125.00
Crispy breading, soft calamari not chewy-chewy just right
(sign of freshness and not over cooked or microwaved)
The food is always served hot, that's one important thing. First served was the appetizer Calamari and the Salad rolls in Kani and Mango.
Salad rolls in Kani and Mango PhP155.00
Crispy fresh and the aroma of the mango cubes and dressing spells perfectly summer!

The carrots and cucumber are chosen and chopped well, crispy means it's fresh. The dish is perfect for the summer, it's light, it's healthy and refreshing though it's not cold liquid--- but you get the feel.

Pork Cutlet in Mushroom Gravy PhP135.00
Speaking of hot, this is hawt! Look at that smokey, smokey dish--- this one received the most mocking from mi familia de matatakaw, because of the gravy--- they call it Jollibee, but I call it home-cook style. This is one dish that you cook at home, and it takes effort (well, if you're a lazy cook, to cook this), so if you're craving for a home-style breaded pork cutlet with mushroom gravy, just order one at Chef Robert's. Just so you know, I don't eat pork really, but this dish is definitely one to have a second, third, forth... try with my visits.
Korean Beef Stew REG PhP185.00 BIG PhP355.00
I wasn't able to taste this one, my mom ordered it. She said it wasn't quite that spicy as that of the one they have tried, but it's perfect for the Filipino taste.
Seafood Marinara Spaghetti PhP145.00
This one I definitely have to ask--- chef Robert could you plate this one again, placing the sauce on top of the cooked tahong and other seafood killed the presentation. Of course you have to show that 5 tahong on top, 3 shrimps and some little shrimps, and kani crabs, yes yes?! it's part of the wowing factor, you know. But with everything, it's just a Marinara, in spaghetti pasta--- not Linguine.
Fish Fillet (Breaded?!Cream Dory) in Hollandaise Sauce REG PhP135.00 BIG PhP260.00

This is a usual dish at home, I particularly didn't like the breading--- it's dredged in flour--- I like it breaded with Japanese bread crumbs. The Hollandaise had formed bits, not so perfect. Good thing it was cream dory--- you'll never go wrong with cream dory. Oh, one thing, I paired it with Thai Green Chicken Curry's curry, it's perfect--- that's another dish LOL--- Breaded Cream Dory in Thai Green Curry?!

Two Way Pork Steak Tagalog REG PhP185.00 BIG PhP355.00
I don't know why it was called Two Way, I guess I have to find out next time. My dad ordered this for the second time (he was the one who introduced the resto to us, it's his second time), I don't know why he loved it, I didn't get to taste it, but mom noticed that it was on clear or light soy sauce unlike that of the Pinoy style Steak Tagalog, with dark dark toyo.
Thai Green Chicken Curry REG PhP155.00 BIG PhP295.00

Creamy, rich in flavor, not too spicy it's definitely a rice partner. If you're having the REG serving make sure to have extra rice or a companion to share it with.

And for the finale, High Rise Mango Banana PhP135.00. Simple sweet.
Genius use of molo wrapper instead of puff pastry.
Chef Robert Tan with my mom at Chef Robert.
All-in the experience was great! Price are very reasonable, that I came, or we came to realize which explains the ingredients being like for crab--- instead of real meat, he used Kani, and while for the gravy he used powdered (if I am not mistaken)--- it's all homey, LOL.

*Did you know that Chef Robert is already 27 years old, LOL. He doesn't look like 20 at all. LOL.

From chef Robert:
Thank you for the Resto Review. Sorry I don't know how to comment in your blog since it's asking for a profile. Oh btw, we have a dining area in the 2nd floor and a balcony as smoking area.


The Remedy said...

Chef Robert is really a must- try resto. The place is cozy. Perfect ambience. And Chef Rob Tan is very accomodating

Charlie Chan said...

Yep! You're right, so have you tried? what's your fave dish?