Aquaknox: The Aqua Adventure

*Did you know that seafood allergy is the most common food allergy in adults and sixth most prevalent in young children? It is caused by an allergy-causing protien called tropomyosins, that can result to few reactions, but the most severe would be anaphylaxis. Of those who experience anaphylaxis, 1% may die as a result.

LOL. I am not scaring you. Just read the stats. Read it and don't be scared. It is said that the best remedy is---avoidance, but can you help it if the food are like these:

Natasha’s King Prawns with Mangoes at PhP300.00
(with organic greens, red onions, mangoes, and lemon garlic dressing)

A mini baguette, topped with shrimp. (not my order)

Hai Phong Wok Calamari (with green onions and bell pepper) at PhP190.00

"Ca Kho To" Salmon Steaks in Caramel Fish Sauce
(With green onion and coriander) at PhP380.00

Prawns in Coconut Milk at PhP390.00
(sautéed with lemongrass, broccoli, pepper, and coconut milk)
All I can say is that it's all yummy and worth the try (just bring your meds if you do want to eat those).

Read my review for the food at our unclanker's site. Thanks!