Cafe Noriter

Noriter! My cousin found it, and we conquered the place.

A hidden nook in Vito Cruz, across La Salle, on top of Tapa King.

Nothing so special in there menu, your usual thing at coffee shops--- coffee, frap and the likes, oh I forgot they also have atleast two food you can munch on, okay make that 3, hmm--- the Tuna sandwich, Honeybread, and Waffles. I tried the Tuna sandwich, and then their Cafe Americana. I can't say that the tuna is good, neither bad, it's tuna, I love it no matter what, and also who can get the tuna wrong?! Hmm for their coffee, it just taste like the one from Starbucks (well I'm not really a coffe fan, so bear with me). I saw their Halo-halo bowl, it's big, and will definitely try next time.

It has free WIFI! Hello people wifi! Lol lounge all you want, the place is a total tambay place, very artsy, doodles all over the place, and if you're looking for cute Korean girls, they all stay here.

*Noriter is a Korean word for playground. Will definitely Noriter-n!

It has a Dumaguete branch. Follow link Cafe Noriter Dumaguete feature.
It has a Coffee Prince type resemblance--- Korean Series.
PS: Sorry for the bad lighting this was a very spontaneous event, I only have my camera phone with me. Next time we'll be back and with a better camera--- for whoring.


HeythereJillilah said...

let's go back please! Pag dating ng paycheck mo, bilin mo na yung place. hahaha.

Charlie Chan said...

Waka, Buy the place ah, LOL kasya ba? Hahaha

kornic said...

LOL, di ko alam yang lugar na yan ah. libre naman. wala pa kong trabaho eh. haha

Smarla said...

i recently went here and wrote about the place in my blog! :D super nice place to relax in