New Bomb-ay!

New Bombay's Indian ambiance completes your dining experience

New Bombay is a restaurant in Makati that serves you aunthentic Indian food, without you needing to fly to India to experience their scorchingly spicy dishes, set in a great ambiance, with Filipino hospitability.

Chicken Garlic Kebab; PhP190.00

Naan; PhP75.00
Chicken kebab, had the tender-est chicken part, maybe it's because it was baked. But from what I have read the kebabs are usually pounded, so maybe that's the reason behind the softness of the meat. It had a nice chill-y sweet flavor, that complimented the sauce I requested from the boss (visit unclank.com for the whole story). *Did you know that many have claimed to be the origin of this dish? We have Greek kebabs, Chelow for Persians and the Indian Kebab, which are few of the most popular. Other variants would be the Turkish shawarma and shish. Kebab means fried in Persia, and not grilled.

It has a very nice color in person
(pardon me for using camera phone, this was a spontaneous dine out)
The other dish, Chicken Butter Curry, had the same tender meat, but this one is a lot spicier, you have to order a lot of rice, plus that yummy Lassi, but beware it's yogurt so prepare for tissues. Lol.