Gumbo: Jambalaya!

Gumbo is just a big party atmosphere! It's all fun there, Jambalaya! Wuhoo! Whenever there's a Jambalaya order, the staff in the kitchen chorus-ly shouts JAMBALAYA! It's a taste of New Orleans' fresh seafood.
Jambalaya, a paella style rice dish, it's buy one take one with the non spicy version for PhP375.00+
Bourbon Ribs with fries and corn PhP495.00+
This would be short, the rice Jambalaya is a tasteful yet refreshing dish, basta sobrang sarap, I can't find a food adjective to explain the taste, it's spicy but everything complements, really great mix of flavor.

The Bourbon ribs' was not marinated well, but it's already flavorful. (I can't really describe it well, because I ate just the corn and fries)
I think it's the great experience, the fun atmosphere they are good at. Making the customer feel important, and happy. Looky looky.

It's my mom's birthday, she was presented by the Mardi gras girls with her birthday ice cream.